Kirby Doing a Great Job

Here's 1.5 year-old Kirby doing a great job pheasant hunting! We are very pleased with his natural performance in the field—it was pretty fun to watch him put up a trio of roosters today and then retrieve this one after Evan knocked it down. And Kirby showing his couch potato nature at home.”

Josh Wallstad 12/16/21

Mattie out of Addie and Griz

Here’s Mattie, out of Addie and Griz. Doing well, this morning she pointed, then flushed the pheasant and retrieved it back from the cattails, just turned 8 months last week

Dennis Rodberg 10/24/21

Best Conservation Tool!

This dog constantly amazes me with his desire and drive. Best conservation tool you can have is a Turkey Creek Labradors dog.

Brian Whitmore 10/23/21

Couldn't ask for more

Had to work for the birds we found, but Gus was up for it. He stayed close and in range, had some nice points, a water fetch, and a 150 yard or so chase down of a wounded bird. Couldn’t ask for more! As he’s running down that bird, my hunting buddy said it best “that rooster has no idea who it’s trying to get away from!” Zig-zagging, running, back and forth. Never stood a chance. And a blind fetch on a bird that a friend thought was lost in the cattails. No worries. Gus found it. What a dog!

Mike Pothast 10/24/21

Kirby Getting It Done

Kirby getting it done at the game farm today. He's only six months old!

Josh Wallestad 10/3/2020

Ruger's First Hunt

Ruger's first hunt. Only 10 months old!

Blaine Johnson Jr 9/27/20

Let the Games Begin!

Opening morning with Bowen

Brian Whitmore 9/26/2020

You Could Ask Double the Money

It isn’t pheasant season yet, but we’ve let him out when there’s been birds in the yard. Very similar results to this video. He lives for fetch! And it’s great knowing I won’t have to worry about him running. My buddies are almost as excited as I am to get him on some birds! Thank you guys for all the hard work you put into bringing us dogs like this. I’m not a dog trainer, but people keep asking him where I took him. You guys really have done a great job of improving the breed. Anyone that wants to know where I got him I’ll be sure to tell them you’re the place to get one! He’s almost a year old and nobody believes he’s that well behaved. And I truly appreciate that they’re affordable. You could ask double the money for what these dogs turn out to be!

Austin Patten 9/3/20

He's Really Catching On

7 month old Gus doing a blind fetch. The dummy was thrown about an hour ago when he was on another field with a friend. He never saw it get thrown. Sent him down wind and watch that nose catch the scent and he puts the breaks on and turns to it. He's really catching on.

Mike Pothast 7/16/20

We are so in love

We are so in love with Winnie! She is so well behaved. Many compliments on her

Heid Wald Josewski 7/30/20

Changed Our Lives

I just wanted to thank you all for such a great dog. He really changed me as the whole training thing just made having trained dogs just really a joy. The purpose of this note was to reach out and let you know how your efforts to provide quality dogs is truly a blessing to those that received one from you all. Needless to say you all sent me quite a boy! He changed our lives

Kevin Worthy 7/25/20

Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you as we just celebrated Sadie’s 1st Birthday on 6-14. She’s not what we originally picked out but as Fate has is somehow we got the Perfect Girl, Red/Yellow Lab Mix. My husband picked her up like he knew she was the one and she did too. We are so happy with Sadie in our Family. Thank you for Breeding Love into these little beast blessings.

Sara Tamble Miller 6/24/20

Sweet, Smart, Fetching Machine

We took Kirby out for his first swim today, and he did an awesome job! He had absolutely zero hesitation. He is sweet, smart, and a fetching machine. We’re having so much fun!

Melissa Wallestad 7/6/20

Best dog I’ve ever had in the field and at home

Kenai from Grizz and Princess 2018. Best dog I’ve ever had in the field and at home. I’ll be getting another from Turkey Creek Labs!

Travis Delker 4/22/20

Our 3rd dog from you.

Getting ready to order our 3rd dog from you. The first 2 have been spectacular as a hunter and a family dog. I wouldn’t take a free purebred lab from anyone, you’re prices are fair and your dogs are top of the line!!! I’ve been around labs for 40 years now and I like to think I know a good dog when I see one and I see them at Turkey Creek!!!

Todd Orgon 4/13/20

Her steadiness was amazing!!

Eleven weeks and Rylee has her 1st live bird point!! Her steadiness was amazing!!

Chris Keegan 3/08/20

Perfect Mix!!

What can we say...we are in love with our “Shea”. He is the perfect mix of aggressive hunter/retriever and snuggle. He knows exactly what we mean when we ask him to switch gears. We will be back for another perfect companion in the future and will send others your way!

Patti Bastian 3/03/20

8 months old with 13 roosters

8 months old today! 13 roosters to date. 3 were retrieves my 2 former labs never made.

2 dozen water duck retrieves, has watched 46 honkers hit the water or ground and has now retrieved the last 10. Cider has a phenomenal nose and an attitude. I think I got the alpha female ( maybe they all are). She still forgets to listen on occasion and will need more training but I forget how young she is. I am extremely happy with her to date! Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Tim Kolke 12/17/19

We could not be happier!

Rylee has been a great edition to the family. She has settled in nicely. Retrieves to hand 100% of the time from day 1!! And whines at the door 9 out of 10 times to go to the bathroom. We could not be happier!!

Chris Keegan 2/10/20

Great Dogs!

Great dogs! Can’t find better family pets. Unbelievable hunting dogs!!! Shiver 10 years. Oakley 16 months.

Cindy Rowan Prosnick 2/2/20

First Season in the Books

This made 32 pheasants, 12 ducks and 8 doves retrieved by Turkey Creeks Red Dirt Road “Bowen” in 2019. Not one lost bird thanks to him. Thanks again for producing dogs with such great natural ability

Brian Whitmore 1/11/20

Bulleit is Doing Great!

Bulleit is doing great! He is well over 30 lbs and is pretty much house broke. His favorite past time is snatching things and making a game of “chase me”! Little stinker. He sneaks on the couch and is still as a statue thinking we won’t see him. He is obedient and is retrieving dummies to hand nearly 100% of the time. He’s a super guy! Here is a picture of him and Tango (older TCL brother).

Karen Hernandez


Late Season Birds

Harley getting some late season birds this weekend! Thanks!!

Jasen Van Woert 1/5/20

Two is better than one

I have one of their dogs. His name is Jake. He's not quite two. He's turned out to be a real sweetheart and a go-getter in the field so you can't do much better I get another

Steven Dauhinais 9/21/19

Great Dogs!!

Great dogs!! They are bread to hunt you don’t need to teach them anything other than basic obedience. They are intelligent and great ambassadors of the breed. When Sandy talks about the switch that turns them from calm well mannered pillow pet to hunting machine, believe it! Pictured are my Turkey Creek version 1.0 and 2.0. Jag is 9 years and Jet is 9 weeks.

Lance Robinette 11/16/19

Drive and off switch!

A rock ship in the field and a lazy lap dog in the house. Maisey is perfect, thank you!

Brian Moisan


She is awesome!

I had two other labs in my lifetime and I thought they were the best things. It appears to me Lady is both of them and more, she is awesome!

Steven Knakmuhs 12/2/19

Rock Star!

He was absolutely amazing!!! One dog Twelve hunters... quartered the entire group!!! Friggin rock star!!!

Jim Groener 10/29/19

A Dual Threat and Family Dog

Turns out he is even better pheasant dog than he is a duck dog. A true dual threat and an even better family member. Guess that’s just having a turkey creek lab problem.

Brain Whitmore 11/08/19

From a Happy Customer

Thank you so much for this dog...turn off switch!

Yep, our dogs have the perfect on/off switch! They are professional hunters and couch potatoes! It’s a pretty ruff life!

Clifford is a GREAT dog

We had another good day of hunting. Clifford is a great dog! He has such a wonderful disposition and is an awesome hunter. Thanks so much for producing such a quality dog!!

Angie Pattee 12/15/19

Your Joy is Contagious

Happy 1st birthday to our bright and sweet puppy, Penny! Your joy is contagious and thanks to your big Labrador grin, always wagging tail and super cuddles we all have a bit more happiness in our days. We love you!

AnnaMarie Hernick Brockhouse 1/24/20

Highly Recommend!

We have two pups from Turkey Creek. Moose(yellow) is 10 months old and Ruby(Red) is 15 weeks. They are best friends and are amazing pups in every way. Sandy has been great deal with before and after we got our pups! Highly recommend them!

David Chapman 1/3/19

Great to Work With

Great to work with and a wonderful dog

Justin Ranslem 3/7/19