Our Studs


Turkey Creek's Worth Every Red Cent -- "Moxy"

Moxy is an extremely gifted gundog. He is seventy-five pounds of pure muscle and drive and has the perfect on/off switch. His sire is Golden Oak Red Rock Duke SH who is a 4XGMPR and HRCH, every sire in Duke's pedigree is a FC/AFC. Moxy's dam is Kenwood CU Koin, an amazing pointing lab with an all natural instinct. Moxy is producing amazing offspring with the perfect combination of natural point, prey drive, trainability and marking abilities. Moxy will race you to the couch when you get home from work...but come the weekend get that shotgun ready because that's what Moxy was born to do, hunt!


Turkey Creek's Dunn Fowled Out -- "Goose"

Goose is a stunning, gorgeous red 70 pound blocky male with classic lab conformation! His sire is 1 1/2 time GMPR Elcanan Jumpin' Jake SH (FC Pin Oaks Texas Rex X FC AFC Crow Rivers Malarky's Cougar daughter). His dam is GMPR Bearpoint's Sage Well Dunn (2 time GMPR HRCH Black Forest Bear Grits MH X CP Lady Catherine Wagging Light - Daughter of GMPR Riks Risky Raider MH X GMPR Elcanan's Angel of HNTR'S PT MH). We finally have the "YELLOW" male we've been waiting for. Many came and went through our kennel but GOOSE stayed!! He has matured from a pup that refused to be left at home when we loaded up the dogs to go pheasant hunting to a bird crazy outstanding specimen of a Pointing Lab. One word describes Goose...DESIRE!!! Yet he's an absolute gentleman and joy to be with. This dog will play the games at any level!!! Complete natural class with a NEVER QUIT ATTITUDE...he's the real deal!!


Turkey Creek's Worth Every Red Cent -- "Grizz"

Griz is a true machine with all heart, tons of drive and the best personality you could ask for in a dog. His sire is Black Ice's Super Sonic Scooter GMPR, MPR, APR, CPR, SHR, JH, SH, MH, QAA. Scooter is the youngest dog on record to earn these amazing titles, and he earned all these titles twelve months younger than any dog on record. Griz's dam is Mawmaws Bed N Breakfast Pheasnts N Grits JH, a superb waterfowl and upland hunter. Griz is a perfect example of lineage carried on, and he is passing it on to his offspring! You won't come to our house without finding Griz with something in his mouth. His nick name is "Pillow Pet" as he can never leave the pillows on the outdoor furniture, he always has something in his mouth. He has incredible drive in the field and his retrieving instincts have him fetching geese with ease.


Turkey Creek's Worth Every Red Cent -- "Lincoln"

Lincoln is a gorgeous 75 pound red male out of GMPR Birchcreek Iowa Pointing Labs Kodiak Cody (Shadowmtn Hunters Gntlmen Jack X Marley’s Red Keta). His Dam is Adventure Bound’s Foxy Momma (Jaxson Killer Goose X Suess’s Red Rose). Lincoln is the male we’ve been waiting for to compliment our bloodlines. Looks, drive, desire, marking ability and great nose in a dog that’s easy and fun to hunt with and handle. The hard drive yet, with the on-off switch. When I look for a gun dog with huge prey drive, good looks and personality, I look to Lincoln. Lincoln is a name that won’t soon be forgotten in the hunting lab world!


Zues is a 75 pound jet black male. His sire is Shooters Smoken Gun (GMPR Goose Creeks Holy Smoke MH X Vaughn’s High Jumpin’ Navy). His Dam is Turkey Creeks Gottem’ Looking (GMPR Wannamaker’s Hot Tub SH X 2X NBDCA/TH Champion Swift Creeks Lady Guinevere). He is owned by our great friend, Gene. We decided back in 2008 we needed to keep back a black male for our program. What better than a pup out of the 2 best pheasant dogs I’ve ever owned. Zues is an outstanding gundog yet lives in the house and spends his summer’s fishing with Gene in the boat. He has great drive and a terrific nose. He is a rare combination of tournament Run N’ Gun drive with his own spot on Gene’s bed. Zues = the total family gundog!!